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Edred says, "I am now in my second year here having moved from another gym. I am passionate about keeping fit particularly as i am now in my 81st year. The BMV Club offers everything I need - personal attention, a variety of excellent equipment, friendly atmosphere, motivation to attend regularly with convenient opening hours and changing facilities. There is always one member of staff - Dave, Tom or Dennis - on duty ready tp assist and answer any questions 
about your personalised program. Encouragement is a key element in meeting your goals and I have now been assessed three times so setting new heights to achieve these. The founder owner and Director, James Farrow, is enthusuastic about the club and is always open to new ideas an interesting aspect about the bmv club is the age range of members - male and female - so there is always plenty of chat about where you are on your proframme and how you are feeling. In October 2012 i had a hip replacement and keeping supple is a major part of my goal. this in it self is a challenge and one can combine it with some "over the equipment" chat. The BMV Club is a geat place to attend and enjoy" 

- Edred Bowman 

Kev says, "Since moving to Shaftesbury just over 2 years ago I tried several of the local gyms only to find none of them right for me.... I struggled to find the motivation to go because they didn't offer me any incentive to train, the staff whilst not unfriendly didn't really want to know and likewise with the other patrons so it was always a bit difficult to drag myself along and once I eventually did get there I didn't really have the enthusiasm to work hard! I then saw an advert for BMV and noticed their introductory offer of a free gym session so thought I would give it a go as there was nothing to lose. I went along for my free gym session and enjoyed it immensely so decided to sign up there and then! I had a good chat with James about reasons for wanting to join and my future goals etc and we got onto the subject of personal training, he said 'we have several personal trainers here and we offer your first session for FREE so why not have a go?' I did and haven't looked back since!! ....I must admit, the offer of a free trial was what drew me in the first place but from my initial few sessions with these guys and the friendly way I am always welcomed I knew I was in the right place!! All of the staff here are very friendly and warm and they are willing to offer help and advice on both training and nutrition whenever needed, the gym itself is well stocked with free weights, machine weights and cardio machines and the bonus of spinning classes was also a welcome addition for me! I have enjoyed rediscovering training, getting fitter, being healthier and losing weight and it has all been down to my new friends at BMV health and fitness!!"


I didn't want to sign up for a long contract as I wanted to keep fit for cycling out of season. I was delighted with the programme James gave me which exactly fitted my needs. I made very good progress with this. I wanted a gym where i could do my own thing but knew that i could get help if required.
I came early mornings and it was never too busy. Everyone was very friendly. The equipment is of good solid quality and there is plenty of it. The location is very convenient. Strongly recommended 

David 2020