What's new at BMV Health & Fitness?


Dear members, We hope the new year started well for you and you’re settling in to some healthy habits in 2022.As many of you will have noticed there have been some exciting developments taking place at BMV..Here’s the latest News & updates for you…

9th Birthday refurbishment..
to celebrate the clubs birthday we have had a week of celebrations with new rowing machine, bike, cross trainer, weight storage and lots more..
we have had so much we couldn't fit it all in so keep your eyes peeled for more new improvements on the near future including LED lighting, and Members gifts from our friends at FUELS 10KšŸ˜‰



Club opening times

After consultation and trial period, the club is extending its opening hours offering more flexibility and convenience to members..

From Tuesday 1st March our new weekday opening will be 06:30am -20:00pm 

weekends 08:00- 18:00 (Last entry 30mins before closing)  Entry will continue to be monitored via the secure coded door and remotely via cctv.We hope these added hours will help you find a covenient time to workout 7 days a week.


Covid update 

In line with the government guidance all further covid restrictions have now been lifted. We would remind all members to maintain high hygiene standards throughout the club with regular wiping down of all equipment.From 1st March you will no longer be required to sign in, scan or limit the number of members training at any one time. 

Let there be light!

In a bid to increase convenience and reduce our carbon footprint we have installed movement sensor lighting throughout the gym. This we hope will increase security and access for members in an effective manner.


Convenience at your door 

The new Blackmore Vale Services LONDIS Convenience store has how opened on site downstairs.Located on the petrol forecourt, It is ideal to pick up a energy drink or protein bar on the way to the club, a fresh coffee after your workout, or a few things for dinner & that essential pint of milk on your way home.It’s Open long hours 7 days a week have a look next time your in.


Bring a partner / friend 

It’s always easier to train with a friend or partner…to encourage this we are offering a FREE trial to any members friends, partners, brothers or sisters. Just contact james to arrange a trial and if they join you BOTH get a FUELS 10K luxury food hamper, gym bag and water bottle. (Limited stocks so please hurry) 


Program reviews

With the change in seasons and New Years goals nows a good time to mix it up and change your training plans.if you fancy a change Please contact James to arrange for a review 


Security upgrade.

We are conducting a rolling plan of security improvements through out the Club.These feature a new security fire door which has just been installed and further improvements coming soon.

 We hope you find the latest improvements helpful and look forward to seeing you at the club soon. 

Yours in health BMV Health & Fitness


New partnership FUELS 10k

We are proud to be partnering with Fuel 10k. This amazing brand offer delicious muffins, cereals, porridge pots, milk drinks and bars...


Bmv health and fitness members have an exclusive 50% discount code available to them.


Watch out for MUFFIN MAY! With FREE muffins coming to members soon as well as lots of other special deals and offers...šŸ§šŸ„›šŸ‘ā¤ļøšŸ™‹‍ā™‚ļøšŸŖ





We will be reopening on Monday 12th at 8:00am with extensive hours, 7 days a week in a fully Covid secure environment. we can help you beat the lock down bulge, get fit and feel great! just give us a call to book in your free trial. 


BMV is going green! From January 2019 we will no longer have plastic cups available. New reusable water bottles will be available for only £1.50! 



The weights are here! 

40, 45 and 50 kilogram dumbbells. We are now looking into the possibility of going heavier! 

We are also excited to announce we have now added a new Upright Bike, Landmine Olympic Bar and Battle Rope!  



Massage Chair Pic